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  • Nora Bayly
    Nora Bayly21 timme sedan

    This helped me out of a bind in a Target parking lot at 10pm. THANK YOU!

  • frankeevee
    frankeevee21 timme sedan

    on my truck it happens to be a 16 milliliter lmao

  • R. T.
    R. T.21 timme sedan

    That Mazda was easy :) I have to do this on 08 Rabbit . The springs a broken at the bottom . The struts a OK - no bouncing . I'm wondering should I replace the springs only - 1/3 of the cost of complete strut, or pay the price and get the hole thing new - less labor.

  • Stephen Ridgway
    Stephen Ridgway21 timme sedan

    Had the tools and the talent.

  • D-Ault 19
    D-Ault 1921 timme sedan

    Nice but I'm still waiting for that drum brake to rotor break conversation video

  • BMX Boedin
    BMX Boedin21 timme sedan

    13:32 “well we broke it free for sure”

  • Kenny Martin
    Kenny Martin22 timmar sedan

    Looks easy thanks

  • Phil P
    Phil P22 timmar sedan

    Chris, should I use a short range digital torque wrench the one that flashes and beeps when doing a tuneup?

  • Babyboy Jackson
    Babyboy Jackson22 timmar sedan

    I’m big fan I had a question could you do a collab with a fan by fixing my car for one of your video I’ll pay for all the parts needed it I would love to watch a video of my car in my favorite SEblack channel please please please. But if u decide to do it my number to reach out to me is 8049932375

  • Paul Kelsey
    Paul Kelsey22 timmar sedan

    Where do we get that long narrow black brush?? I dont see it anywhere in the description

  • EthanMX Gaming
    EthanMX Gaming22 timmar sedan

    Chris likes Know more of cars then anyone one else 😯

  • Laura McCarren
    Laura McCarren22 timmar sedan

    Will a regular magic eraser work or do you need to use a magic eraser with Dawn?

  • phillydopey the lner C1
    phillydopey the lner C122 timmar sedan

    chris why don't you rebuild the jag

  • dmolishedegads
    dmolishedegads22 timmar sedan

    🔥🔥🔥🔥HELP!!!!! The Rustoleum product used in this video has changed its packaging or is no longer made. PLEASE, someone guide me to the right stuff. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anywhere. I’m grateful for your help!!🙏

  • 100rats
    100rats22 timmar sedan

    The amount of time info and time and love into this video is amazing!

  • Blueberry Pie
    Blueberry Pie22 timmar sedan

    you are the Vannah White of the car detailers!

  • conehead210
    conehead21022 timmar sedan

    apple cider vinegar on microfibre and wipe

  • Rah-Rah Bandz
    Rah-Rah Bandz22 timmar sedan

    Well explained he got to the point!! Great job!!😇

  • Robert Fields
    Robert Fields22 timmar sedan

    The 134a doesn't matter if it's released ... It's why they moved to it from R12 ! @ 5:20

  • Blueberry Pie
    Blueberry Pie22 timmar sedan

    wow! you really know how to detail a car. I had mice in the winter in my car and it smells to high heaven. Dont even know where to start to get rid of the smell. Thanks for your info.

  • Masked
    Masked22 timmar sedan

    life saver

  • Ty Jones
    Ty Jones23 timmar sedan

    Wow! You rock

  • Yo Squid
    Yo Squid23 timmar sedan

    What if my car is a FWD car would the process be the same for removing transmission

  • Rallock
    Rallock23 timmar sedan

    Been working on cars for 30 years now but still watch your vids to relieve anxiety before some things. Thanks my man!

  • William Skelton
    William Skelton23 timmar sedan

    Recommend application of an anti-corrosion agent to outside of bushing steel shell or, to inside of control arm bushing sockets. Prevents entrapped corrosion. I use Fluid Film.

  • Asher Kobin
    Asher Kobin23 timmar sedan

    If there a difference between the Magic Eraser regular vs the one you used "with the power of Dawn"?

  • NightBloodRayna
    NightBloodRayna23 timmar sedan

    You waited way to long to clean the deposits.. 122,000 is way to late. You should've been using it starting at 35,000 miles.

  • Edward Webster
    Edward Webster23 timmar sedan

    You put that in the Gas not pour in carb

  • akanyr
    akanyr23 timmar sedan

    Hi Chris thanks for all the great videos. I have a suggestion for you. How about doing a video on RPMs suddenly surging while holding your foot steady on the gas pedal. It’s a fairly common issue in 94-95 mustangs. Thanks for listening keep up the awesome videos.

  • 1996 Honda Civic
    1996 Honda Civic23 timmar sedan

    I have a 1996 civic hatchback with a manual. My fuel pump doesn’t turn off when the ignition is in the ‘run’ position

  • Julian Vasquez
    Julian Vasquez23 timmar sedan

    When is the next driftstang vid cant wait for the supercharger and rollcage install vids

    KIREME23 timmar sedan

    So you’re making money in is back ah.. that’s cool man

  • Chowdee
    Chowdee23 timmar sedan

    Question: Will you make another video about the driftstang or is the series over?

  • Unspeakable
    Unspeakable23 timmar sedan

    What is that yellow cat behind your head

  • lalito._.01
    lalito._.0123 timmar sedan

    Can you do this with a full gas tank? Or does it have to be close to empty

  • YinYangJeranRafanan
    YinYangJeranRafanan23 timmar sedan

    When will you do a face revel

  • Kid Literate
    Kid LiterateDag sedan

    Thanks Dad

  • Keven MD
    Keven MDDag sedan

    I can confirm This works Used it on my old bike, i have a newer bike now cant stop using it tbh

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin BurnsDag sedan

    Nice filling and painting etc, but that is a complete bodge.

  • Whitey's Cars
    Whitey's CarsDag sedan


  • Jet Earlewood
    Jet EarlewoodDag sedan

    No chamois?

  • Jet Earlewood
    Jet EarlewoodDag sedan

    Woahter. Maryland?

  • S SD
    S SDDag sedan

    Can you confirm again the type of tape. Is it the one we use when we paint the wall? Would that harm the paint of the car in any way. Also can I use my own wax?

  • Jazmine Ware
    Jazmine WareDag sedan

    local mechanic told me 550 usd to do this process after watching this is realized how easy it is

  • Lucy Norwood
    Lucy NorwoodDag sedan


  • Robert Shaughnessy
    Robert ShaughnessyDag sedan

    Where do I get distilled garden hose water? 😂

  • Micheal P
    Micheal PDag sedan

    Im doing this tomorrow

  • A Wahl
    A WahlDag sedan

    What happened to the $500 limit?

  • John Lee
    John LeeDag sedan

    Chris is the type of dad or older brother every techy wish they had, I had to learn on my own and was blessed with engineers for uncle's and a natural curiosity and determination of how things work, why they work, why it broke, how to fix it, what to do and not to do next time, and how to make it last longer.

  • Miles Watt
    Miles WattDag sedan

    I recommend one wet stroke for two dry. Just something i learned from steam cleaning carpets

  • CustomBike
    CustomBikeDag sedan

    why this guy isnt posting? too much money?

  • Chadensky Adonis
    Chadensky AdonisDag sedan

    I disconnected the negative terminal now the radio not turning on tire pressure low

  • mark4
    mark4Dag sedan

    Saw another racer talking about taking out the A/C completely and running the car's coolant next to the driver with maybe a little extra hosing to reach not sure how that one worked but just something i saw so that way you don't you know die of heat exhaustion and cut costs on things like A/C and cut the weight.

  • Nick Briones
    Nick BrionesDag sedan


  • Smashmilk
    SmashmilkDag sedan

    First of could you spell water for me I'm pretty sure yours in Wuuuutar second I'm ignorant but the do anything for engine performance? Is it neccessary or is it just cosmetic?

  • Tim Brown
    Tim BrownDag sedan


  • Emir Has
    Emir HasDag sedan

    Wtf bread

  • Matias De Souza
    Matias De SouzaDag sedan

    al dia siguiente lo arrestan por creerce policia XD

  • Rebecca Gray
    Rebecca GrayDag sedan

    Had to learn to fix my own cars at 15. Took auto body and paint classes at 35 (only woman, top of the class among 18). Now at 80, am working on a newly acquired 2000 Buick Lesabre and having so much fun and learning bunches. Boy have cars changed over the years. The electronics alone are mind boggling but interesting. These videos are helpful but too "wordy." Right now, am having difficulty with diagnosing cruise control. Everything checks out yet cruise doesn't work. Only thing left is to dismantle the buttons to see if something spilled in them and caused it to short out. Otherwise, at a loss.

  • Michael G
    Michael GDag sedan

    Perfect tip. I made one exactly like that. Just a few points... 1. You can use a thicker based bottle for more stability if you fill the bottle a 3rd of the way with old brake cleaner you have laying around which won't ever be used, or any fluid that might be the same consistency of brake fluid. It's only to keep somewhat of a vacuum for air bubbles. 2. Smaller bottle or larger bottle you can increase stability by gluing a larger plastic piece to the bottom of your bottle. It can be plastic from any empty container or jug.

  • Adam Tasha Williams
    Adam Tasha WilliamsDag sedan

    What do you think about the new GMC HUMMER H4

  • Mac B
    Mac BDag sedan

    The fact that he had to learn a stick (with his knowledge) makes me feel old.

  • Jean V
    Jean VDag sedan

    Sorry, but this looks blurred to me. I think that using a polisher with some compound would help.

  • D .Harder
    D .HarderDag sedan

    What are you hiding from... you still living at your parents home?

  • Jennifer Pavey
    Jennifer PaveyDag sedan

    Aaaaaaaa les go

  • Kat stephens
    Kat stephensDag sedan

    As a member of the C.I.C. [comment investigator club] I have determined that Blinker fluid Is infact H20. I Will be removing my blinker fluid from my car. Thanks

  • SlixDriftinYT
    SlixDriftinYTDag sedan

    I learnt how to add an hydro e-brake from you in your mustang or should I say DriftStang

  • NotXposure
    NotXposureDag sedan

    Am I the only one who thought this was real?

  • Matthew Maka
    Matthew MakaDag sedan

    You're the best. You're my idol. I've watched every single video you have made. I have also been doing my own work on my vehicles instead of taking it to a mechanic and saved a lot. Thank you so much for everything you've taught me. You're the reason I want to work on cars. The first video I watched that you made was the one where you completely gutted a car I believe it was a Jaguar.

  • Rebecca Gray
    Rebecca GrayDag sedan

    Can you wash the micro towels and re-use?

  • Drew Bush
    Drew BushDag sedan

    how can i fix at a joint where the 2 bolts are. 2 come together? can i cut out the joint? thats what i would like to do but not sure whats available to put in the cut out space

  • FliTe Godzilla
    FliTe GodzillaDag sedan

    where’s the blinker fluid?

  • Ashley Hutchison
    Ashley HutchisonDag sedan

    My favorite car is a suv

  • bjornahh87
    bjornahh87Dag sedan

    Yo CrisFix have you ever read the MTSD sheet that you have too google to get sometimes?? have you ever read what the mostpart of the liquid is made up of btw..?? maby some light hydrocarbons in the range of C10-c13,n-alkanes,isoalkanes, cyclics, <2% aromatics What else is all those things you ask?? well you most likely have it laying around in your garage or paintbooth due to the fact that It Is only WHITESPIRIT, and 1-2% in liquid is also some cetane enhancers, What is cetane you ask?? Cetane is to diesel fuel what octane is for gasoline fuel, so would you rather buy a very expensive bottle of whitespirit with some aditives you most likely buy either at the pump as premium fuel or as an additive at wintertime to add in with the fuel, and what du you use in the wintertime?? fuel additive that makes the fuel ignite at a lower temperature, and it prevents waxing stopping the small amounts of waterdropplets to fall out of the fuel so you dont get any alge grothw...

  • Chad Akin
    Chad AkinDag sedan

    step 1: open a chrisfix video step 2: like the video step 3: watch the video step 4: remember that i dont actually have this problem with my car step 5: enjoy the video anyway because of the craftsmanship

  • Hugo Nava
    Hugo NavaDag sedan

    Chris sister being camera shy at 16:45

  • Derick zhou
    Derick zhouDag sedan

    Look! How easy to replacement transmission without a car lift.

  • HelmetVanga
    HelmetVangaDag sedan

    How safe are the ramps? one ramp similar to this broke while the car was driving up onto it. the brand is sold at any Autozone......