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  • Tom Lowbridge
    Tom Lowbridge2 timmar sedan

    Some rough gear changes there

  • ChromeHeartz
    ChromeHeartz2 timmar sedan

    11:00 why did I think a car ran him over lmao

  • Tim Jensen
    Tim Jensen2 timmar sedan

    Which code reader do you use ?

  • mastersergant128
    mastersergant1282 timmar sedan

    now that i moved out, i bought tools at a low price, as they break ill upgrade, now ill be able to redo my suspension! (even though my f150 is kinda.... rusty, so im buying a bolt extractor kit in case)

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M2 timmar sedan

    Pi swap

  • ChuckyLarms
    ChuckyLarms2 timmar sedan

    That feeling when you realize you have a V8 with 2 spark plugs per cylinder.......

  • NoMercyHawk
    NoMercyHawk2 timmar sedan

    Porshe GT2 RS

  • Nicolò Marulli
    Nicolò Marulli2 timmar sedan

    What car is this???

  • subhadas krishnan
    subhadas krishnan2 timmar sedan

    thinking what if chris ever read my comments... i could ve told him how much i appreciate him detailing these works.

  • Amon Foratto
    Amon Foratto2 timmar sedan

    It's almost my new dream car too now

  • Rmx racing
    Rmx racing2 timmar sedan

    hey can you pls make a vid where u can explain us to convert a fwd to a rwd pls .........i could use it for my 4th year engineering project

  • Flipidy_Arif
    Flipidy_Arif2 timmar sedan

    6:00 watcha doin there Chris 😳

  • Donald M
    Donald M2 timmar sedan

    Not a good thing to do. Every car uses a different amount of freon. If it leaked out also some of the oil. Could be a leak from a oring? Just find the leak and repair it?

  • Justin Philpott
    Justin Philpott2 timmar sedan

    That last car is definitely not a muscle car

    CHETAN iS LIVE2 timmar sedan


  • Tomi -
    Tomi -2 timmar sedan

    Please never fix sheet metal like this, only replace it with new sheet metal and weld it.

  • N C
    N C2 timmar sedan

    You should have 1 million subs! Videos are spot on. You're great at this. I can tell you're probably successful in your life. Much love brother!

  • Ryan officer
    Ryan officer2 timmar sedan

    It isn't bad to put premium once in awhile to clean up the gunk if you always use 87.

  • John Q
    John Q2 timmar sedan

    You are definitely the best on SEblack. Love your vids

  • Mot Whom
    Mot Whom2 timmar sedan

    Thought it was a bong comparison video from thumbnail lmao

  • Shamurailatpam Brajabihari Sharma
    Shamurailatpam Brajabihari Sharma2 timmar sedan

    Legends are watching in 2021#

  • Kobe Ramirez
    Kobe Ramirez2 timmar sedan

    Door cards lol

  • Durka Durka
    Durka Durka2 timmar sedan

    ManBearPig must have owned the Impala

  • Itchy Boto
    Itchy Boto2 timmar sedan

    Look at those cheaper prices. ;(

  • FurJitow
    FurJitow2 timmar sedan

    Je regarde cette vidéo alors que je n'est pas encore de voiture... 😂

  • David
    David2 timmar sedan

    Or people can just look in their manual it will tell them

  • Xash Gaming DE
    Xash Gaming DE2 timmar sedan

    93 is premium in the US?! In Germany that´s not even regular XD We start at 95, V-Power is 98.

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss2 timmar sedan

    500 for an oil change wtf ouch

  • April Baldwin
    April Baldwin2 timmar sedan

    If you are not a policeman it's illegal to build a police car and then use it

  • 江信佑 catboy54
    江信佑 catboy542 timmar sedan


  • 江信佑 catboy54
    江信佑 catboy542 timmar sedan

    Uh I think you sure do when you say how much do you say I'm a song and you know you're in the middle and I'm really LA LA LA LA so they come and sign away I'm aware of that while I'm asleep I mean do you know West and do the lab on the board last year in a month or so on and no one will understand in the same way and the boys thinking I'm saying Gir Where's boys saving girls sing a song lazy gangnam style is lacing gunside ramese a machine and a numb fresh boom

  • 江信佑 catboy54
    江信佑 catboy542 timmar sedan


  • steve raynor
    steve raynor2 timmar sedan

    Always like watching your videos, you make it look so easy. I learned three things from this one; 1) I can understand why the dealer charges so much to do this job, 2) I would never do this myself :) 3) I would never buy a used hybrid car!

  • Thor Odin son
    Thor Odin son2 timmar sedan

    Take the hitch off a mustang for the love of god

  • mix shake
    mix shake2 timmar sedan

    Wait u live in NJ

  • Dalilkidwiz
    Dalilkidwiz2 timmar sedan

    How was the wheel feel prior to recovering it, and do you feel just what is under the original leather will stand the test of time?

  • Mark Magundayao
    Mark Magundayao2 timmar sedan

    Chris fix can make all things easy about cars

  • Jonathan Kroiss
    Jonathan Kroiss2 timmar sedan

    Why would anyone want a car with 18mpg omg

  • I A
    I A2 timmar sedan

    Is this applicable to metallic paint?

  • PautKalun
    PautKalun2 timmar sedan

    what kind of car is that ?

  • Joey Anderson
    Joey Anderson2 timmar sedan

    Vote Biden a 2nd term to watch gas prices go to $12 plus per gallon How to stop dead ppl from voting?

  • Reno Laringo
    Reno Laringo2 timmar sedan

    Using a somewhat heavier hammer can also help

  • Jim
    Jim2 timmar sedan

    My car doesn’t have a windshield or any windows

  • Damian Brotherton
    Damian Brotherton2 timmar sedan

    Hey, Chris! What if I don't have the owner's manual? I bought my car used and it didn't come with a manual. It's my first car and I didn't ask all of the questions I should've. Mistakes were made. What's your advice?

  • Witt Sullivan
    Witt Sullivan2 timmar sedan

    peanut gallery always got something to say. 9/10 of them couldn't do as good a job as you did, my friend. A+

  • KamoGaming [ かも]
    KamoGaming [ かも]2 timmar sedan

    how to fix a free car step 1) work in your driveway on cars so that other people feel they can entrust cars to you I think its pretty cool that just by doing your daily work on cars taht your neighbour didnt mind giving you a free car

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion2 timmar sedan

    Chris has got his priorities straight. 11:13 Blinker Fluid.

  • Abe S.
    Abe S.2 timmar sedan

    From a money pit to a more glamorous money pit.

  • Krultzer
    Krultzer2 timmar sedan

    This has to be a joke 😂😂😂

  • David Irvin
    David Irvin2 timmar sedan

    You’ve got to be the only guy in the world who gets excited when something breaks on your car 😅

  • Mark Nettles
    Mark Nettles2 timmar sedan

    Thanks, I use both and have wondered if they/which work.

  • Mikael Sundin
    Mikael Sundin3 timmar sedan

    Use polycarbonate windows could probably save more weight.

  • George Reedy
    George Reedy3 timmar sedan

    Chris - If you suggest magic eraser for inside, why not also outside, instead of clay bar?

  • HK M
    HK M3 timmar sedan

    My 2013 chevy caprice doesn't have a dipstick

  • UltraVires
    UltraVires3 timmar sedan

    Americans... Acting like 15 a 100 is "low fuel consumption" is ret*rded.

  • Osman Mohammad
    Osman Mohammad3 timmar sedan

    I saw ur face 😅

  • No Name
    No Name3 timmar sedan

    “Vicey-versa” It’s vice-versa

  • Jordan Ornat
    Jordan Ornat3 timmar sedan

    What’s in the soapy wooder? Like dish soap and water?

  • D-Tech
    D-Tech3 timmar sedan

    Nice job but that's a fairly new car

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin3 timmar sedan

    the chocolate milk stain on my headliner for 10 years be like “u aint getting rid of me betch”💅🏻

  • Lastor Gaming
    Lastor Gaming3 timmar sedan

    Can you do live face reveal

  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez3 timmar sedan

    I just pay

  • Joey Mac
    Joey Mac3 timmar sedan

    I want to hose my engine so bad but nope, can't do it, too risky

  • Elmet Abermann
    Elmet Abermann3 timmar sedan

    What does detonation sound like?

  • Pussums L'Meow
    Pussums L'Meow3 timmar sedan

    I use the rugular fuel for my regular car, occasionally i choose premium to help clear the injector nozzles.

  • Brandon Marcus
    Brandon Marcus3 timmar sedan

    Do you plan on super charging it?

  • Zaqsie
    Zaqsie3 timmar sedan

    I guarantee you many non car people have actually taken this seriously

  • Robbie Hagner
    Robbie Hagner3 timmar sedan

    Skip to 4:00 for start of video.

  • Kenneth Patterson
    Kenneth Patterson3 timmar sedan

    man you're younger than me and you know way more than i do about cars when did you start

  • Balu
    Balu3 timmar sedan

    15:15 Sure, the criminal is going to have a key in his hand and go " WTH... WHY WON'T IT START"

  • AcidHeathen
    AcidHeathen3 timmar sedan

    If theres anyone in EU with a spare E46 in that condition i want it!

  • Dima
    Dima3 timmar sedan

    Why not lose the exterior?

  • Dima
    Dima3 timmar sedan

    Why not take out the brakes and wheels? Wouldn't those be so much weight?

  • JLukeOffical
    JLukeOffical3 timmar sedan

    is it just me or is breaking a car into a race car at 250k just asking for issues, thumbs up btw, amazing content

  • I A
    I A3 timmar sedan

    I tried to follow the steps in this video but I end up damaging my car's paint. Maybe the clear coat of my car is much thinner than yours?

  • Snypa V
    Snypa V3 timmar sedan

    Dammm i never heard of 91 😆

  • Leonit Duga
    Leonit Duga3 timmar sedan

    me who doesn’t understand any thing from the engine when he opened the hood🤡

  • Ashraf Radwan
    Ashraf Radwan3 timmar sedan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is gold lool