What's it Like to Ride in a 1500HP, Twin Turbo, Exoskeleton Drag Car? (Leroy the Savage)

Here is your chance to ride in some of the most amazing drag cars in the WORLD!!! Leroy, a 1500hp, twin turbo, 30psi of boost, bald eagle machine! Ruby a 1000hp turbo and nitrous C6 Corvette! Neighbor a supercharged 1000hp tire smoking Crown Victoria. And the most winningest NHRA drag car in the world, Dan Fletchers 350ci LS wheelie popping 69 Camaro!

Cleetus McFarland: seblack.info...
Dan Fletcher: danfletcher...

VR Camera I used for these shots: amzn.to/33jJkZ1
Honda Turbo Kit: amzn.to/2OIVBAP
Gimbal I used: amzn.to/2shw4ay

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  • Triston Buckellew
    Triston Buckellew2 timmar sedan

    It needs to have a hemi man all the way

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    Ruber Vulpes4 timmar sedan

    maybee a catfish camaro?its cheap and has support

  • Grandmas coked up bingo night
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    Gavin Samaras11 timmar sedan

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    AjaxDag sedan

    A Chevy S10 or Colorado would make a great budget build drag car. They are plentiful and cheap and millions of parts available for them.

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    AVI GAME KING4 dagar sedan


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    E92 335i for drag. Lots of videos for maintenance, high power potential

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  • A Plebeian
    A Plebeian18 dagar sedan

    the "immersion" was cringe af lol

  • Raymond Burgos
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  • Ben Singleton

    Ben Singleton

    6 dagar sedan

    Honestly man I don't think he stopped. He might have but Leroy had a lot of spin in first and second but hooked up hard in 3rd. He has been beat by a couple civics though and it might have been one of them.

  • Booshcoco 2007XD
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  • Ryan Malin
    Ryan Malin28 dagar sedan

    6:58 nice steering wheel! I got the same one on my PC hooked to a Logitech G923. I use it with a VR headset to play sim racing in VR. If you have a gaming PC I would highly recommend getting a steering wheel.

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