How to Fix a Car that Idles Poorly (Rough Idle)

Does your car idle poorly, have a rough idle, or in general have an idle problem? Learn how to fix a car with high or low idle, and learn how to fix a car that idles up and down by cleaning the idle air control valve. The IAC valve is what keeps the cars idle at around 800rpms. If you turn the ac on and it idles low or your car stalls at lights or in reverse, or your car shakes at idle, this video can also help!

Throttle Body Cleaner:
Pipe Cleaners:
Socket Set:

The OG Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning video (7yrs ago):

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    That is usually the case on older carbureted cars, more modern fuel injection has control valves and throttle bodies being controlled by the computer!

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    Green Drop Talk

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