DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)

Have bad odors in your car because you just ate a bean borrito? Farting up a storm with a friend on a road trip? Well fear no more, in today's video I show you how to install your own car fart odor remover right into the seat of your car. The odors pass through an activate carbon filter and no one will smell a thing!

Fart Spray:
Charcoal Filter:
Fuse Tap:
On/Off Switch:
Hog Ring Pliers:
Impact Gun:
Torque Wrench:

Alex Sells His Miata:
Blinker Fluid:
Piston Return Springs:
Muffler Bearings:
Summer/Winter Air:

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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFixÅr sedan

    So for everyone thinking this is a joke... well originally it was, but now, after making this, it’s definitely not haha. It works so well and it’s based on a true story. I for real thought of this on a road trip down to Georgia to jump Raptors with my buddy bc we had bad gas lol.

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    Since your Del Sol has foam seats, will this also work with leather seats? It's because my dad has leather seats in his Ford F150 and his Honda CR-V

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    Dear Chrisfix, I am planning to do some electrical work soon however I'm not sure about the planned ground points I have chosen. Is there any videos on how to choose a good ground connection and dos and donts of grounding your electrical additions? For instance I got a bolt and a metal piece near my gas pedal bolted on to the firewall, would that be a good enough ground?

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    Brian Morgon14 dagar sedan

    Too funny!

  • Jacob Saadoun
    Jacob Saadoun15 dagar sedan

    if anyone could help me, my special needs sister peed in my front seat, I managed to remove the pee and odor of the pee from the carpet underneath but now the carpet (not the removable ones) spells heavily like chemicals despite using water + wet vac, also I took the seat out and sprayed the bottom side of the chair with a sanitizing spray but now the seat smells a lot like this gross spray and still a little bit of pee, there are a lot electronics attached to the seat so I can just water it down, I've used baking soda on the carpet and wherever I could on the underside of the seat, I aired out my car and sprayed fabreeze, any ideas how to get this horrible smell out? would a bunch of car fresheners work?

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    2016: Blinker Fluids 2017: Muffler Bearing 2018: Piston Return Springs 2019: Winter and Summer Air 2020: DIY Odor Remover 2021: Wheel bearing Asmr

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  • Kervon Taylor
    Kervon Taylor2 månader sedan

    Hey Chris that was fun, but what if the time comes when you have to clean your seat like, when you are detailing your car, could the dry and wet vaccum wor on it or not?

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  • Ann Edwards

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