How to Change EVERY FLUID in your Car or Truck (Oil, Transmission, Coolant, Brake, and More)

Learn how to do an oil change, transmission fluid change, coolant flush, power steering fluid flush, brake fluid flush and bleed, differential fluid change, transfer case fluid change, grease the suspension, and finally add washer fluid properly!

-Supplemental In-Depth Videos-
Oil Change:
Transmission Fluid Change:
Coolant Change:
Power Steering Fluid Flush:
Brake Fluid Flush:
Differential Fluid Change:
Transfer Case Fluid Change:

Fluid Pump:
Transmission Adapter:
Suction Pump:
Spill Free Funnel:
Torque Wrench:
Oil Catch Pan:
Grease Gun:

Transmission Fluid:
Power Steering Fluid:
Brake Fluid:
Differential Fluid:
Transfer Case Fluid:
Washer Fluid:

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