How to Clean Out the ENTIRE Fuel System (Vandalized with Sugar in Gas Tank)

Sugar in the gas tank? Rust in your fuel lines? Clogged fuel injectors? Fill your car with diesel instead of gas? In this video I show you how to clean out the entire fuel system from how to clean the fuel tank, change the fuel pump, how to change the fuel filter, how to flush the fuel lines to how to clean the fuel injectors. So if you contaminated your fuel system, after watching this video you will be able to clean it out and get your car or truck running again!

In this case I bought a car that was vandalized and was totaled because someone spray painted the car, keyed the car, and put sugar in the gas tank. Since it was damaged, I got the car for 1/3 of what it is worth fixed up and I am showing you guys how to fix it on a budget to make it a perfectly good running car!

How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED Car"

Locking Gas Cap:
Fuel Pump Assembly:
Ramps I use:
99% Isoproply Alcohol:
Fire Extinguisher:
Fuel Injector Tester Machine:
Torque Wrench:

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